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12 Reasons Not to Join BSE

1.  The curriculums, staff, and members of BSE will be held to the standard of the core beliefs of the “BSE Statement of Faith”. 

2.  If you have a full-time job or a busy extracurricular schedule and already have limited days for "book learning" at home, then you will find BSE way too time-consuming.

3.  If you have health problems or family obligations to help ailing parents or other relatives, focus on those priorities first.

4.  If you already know that you may miss three Mondays per semester, please do not join BSE, as your family will already miss a full quarter of classes -- and that's before illnesses!

5.  If you are joining BSE as a substitute for school or so you won't have to teach your children at home, then BSE will not meet your needs.

6.  If you homeschool because your child could not learn in a classroom environment or if your child does not do well in a group setting, you probably will not be pleased with BSE.

7.  If you homeschool because you feel no one else can adequately teach your child what he needs to know in any given subject, you will not be satisfied with any parent who teaches a BSE class.

8.  If you join BSE for purely socialization reasons, you will likely find the classes too academic.

9.  If you join BSE for rigorous, college-prep courses, you may find the classes not challenging enough.

10.  If your junior high or high school students already have a full load of schoolwork at home or are members of another co-op, they may not be able to complete the homework for BSE.

11.  Students should obey and be respectful to all adults while on campus and at any BSE off-campus activity/event. If your student struggles in this area then BSE may not be right for your family. 

12.  If you are on a tight budget or live a good distance from our location, you may not want to make the financial investment.


“12 REASONS NOT TO JOIN BSE” was adapted from Academy Days Homeschool Co-op

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