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2024/25 Classes

7th - 12th Grade

Child Care      7th - 12th Grade

Female students can earn up to 28 volunteer hours by assisting in the nursery to provide a dependable and nurturing enviroment to our little ones. 

(Insurance does not allow students to change diapers.) 

Homesteading 201     7th - 12th Grade     $75

In this class, your student will learn about homesteading and skills. We will discuss different topics such as gardening, farm animals, scratch cooking, and more. They will gain a better understanding of this lifestyle, where their food comes from, and how it goes along with the bible. We will do projects such as seed starting, cooking from scratch, and more.

Students can earn one elective credit or one science elective credit. Homework will be assigned and graded by the instructor. 

Stewardship (Consumer Math)      9th - 12th Grade     $10 plus books

Stewardship by Mathusee is consumer math taught from a biblical perspective. It is combined with Biblical principles of finance and discipleship. The second edition is updated with current topics relevant to young people who are beginning to explore more independent financial opportunities and responsibilities.

Students can earn one math credit. Homework will be issued, with some homework graded by the teacher. 

Consumer Math Topics:
Banking & Budgeting
Credit Cards
Comparison Shopping
Cost of Owning a Vehicle
Cost of Post-Secondary Education
Christian Micro-Finance

Biblical Topics:
The Love of Money
Loving God and Belonging to God
Trusting God and Being Content
Guard Your Heart
Giving from a Redeemed Heart
The Ministry and Work of the Spirit

Essentials in Writing     7th - 8th Grade     $35

EIW is a homeschool writing curriculum that features a slow, systematic approach for students in grades 7th and 8th who want to learn how to write well. The step-by-step approach allows students to focus on small, daily assignments, so they don’t feel overwhelmed. Homework will be provided and students will have writing assignments. All homework will be graded by the teacher. 

This course is not a high school course, therefore no credit can be earned. However, the student will be expected to complete any homework assignments. 

Study Hall     7th - 12th Grade

Independent study and homework assignments can be completed under the supervision of the Study Hall Monitor.

Student Aid     9th - 12th Grade

Student will aid the teacher in the classroom to provide extra help and attention to students in Primary Pathways through 6th grade. Students will be assigned in classes where needed most. 

Student can earn up to 28 community service hours. 

Yearbook     7th - 12th Grade     $15

In this class students will take part in the photography and designing of our 2024-2025 BSE yearbook. pictures will be taken of the BSE students and teachers as well as BSE activities throughout the school year. Students will learn how to edit and caption pictures, as well as organize and design the yearbook pages. Laptops are required for this class because we work primary on the yearbook website if you have questions, please contact the teacher.

Elective class but participation required in order for student to earn one credit. 

Speaking and Communication Skills     7th - 12th Grade     $10 plus books

In Speaking and Communication Skills, students will learn how to express themselves clearly and concisely as they expand their knowledge about communication theories, the characteristics of language, interpersonal relationships, group dynamics, and public speaking. Practical application exercises include writing and delivering a speech, as well as conducting interviews.

Student can earn one credit in either Fine Arts or Elective. Homework will be issued and graded by the teacher. 

Algebra I     8th - 12th Grade     $10 plus books

This Algebra 1 course covers graphing, simultaneous equations, exponents, polynomials, unit multipliers, and more. Students should have successfully completed a Pre-Algebra course. There will be weekly homework that parents will check using the Grading Sheets that will be made available through the online portal. Tests will be graded by the teacher and returned to parents.

Students can earn one math credit. Homework will be issued and some graded by the teacher. 

Geography     7th - 12th Grade     $15 plus books

This class will cover world geography using the textbook North Star Geography and Window on the World. We will learn basic geography skills (maps, navigation) as well as physical geography (topography, biosphere, structure of the earth) and human geography (environmental stewardship, agriculture, culture, heritage & more)- - -all from a Christian perspective.

Students can earn one World Geography (science, social studies or elective) credit. Homework will be assigned and graded by the teacher. 

Marine Science & Oceanography    7th - 12th Grade     $30

Marine Sciences and Oceanography will teach high school students about: the history of ocean navigation and science, the physical elements of the ocean like layers, plates, currents, waves and tides, the lifeforms and ecosystems living in the ocean, as well as current policies and technology relating to the ocean. This class will use a curriculum developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) that aligns with national science teaching standards.

This class is considered one full science credit. Homework will be issued and graded by the instructor. 

Pre-Algebra     7th - 8th Grade     $10 plus books

This Pre-Algebra course covers negative numbers, order of operations, solving for the unknown, and other topics.
There will be weekly homework that parents will check using the Grading Sheets that will be made available through
a weekly email. Tests will be graded by the teacher and returned to parents.

Students can earn one math credit. Homework will be issued and some will be graded by the teacher. 

5th & 6th Grade

COST: $125 plus books

Homesteading 101: 

In this class, we will explore different homesteading topics and skills. Your student will learn about gardening, farm animals, where their food comes from, as well as other things. All along the way, they will also learn about how this lifestyle is biblical. We will complete projects such as seed starting and cooking from scratch.

Bible: Growing in Faith

Inside this special Bible curriculum, you will find lessons that include faith stories with Caleb and Selah, special missions, and Scripture studies, as well as poetry, hymn, and picture studies. All of these elements work together to help build the character and faith of every reader. Give children important tools to help them test everything with the Word of God, through reading, studying, and memorizing biblical passages each week! 


Bring American history alive as students explore an overview of the settlement of the thirteen original colonies. Students will then dive into the causes of the American Revolutionary War, famous patriots, soldier's lives, battles, spies & traitors! They will discover what life was like during the American Civil War as they learn about slavery, leaders of the war, major battles, what a soldier's life was like.

3rd & 4th Grade

COST: $135


Build your child's confidence in written and verbal communication with hundreds of words that they can confidently spell correctly. Spelling and Poetry 3 gives your child 34 spelling lists with words that would reinforce the learning of different spelling rules. Each of the lists is complete with age-appropriate definitions and implementation exercises that help students connect spelling with reading, Bible, and other subjects.


Encourage your third grader to master multiplication and division with this engaging curriculum, presented in four fun themes: nocturnal animals, travel in the U.S., zoos around the world, and space exploration. Teaching concepts through the spiral approach, story problems, brain boosters, and other exercises provides instruction in fractions, measurement conversions, perimeter, area, and more.

Reading Comprehension: 

Evaluate your child’s reading comprehension through reading activities in Abeka’s Reading Comprehension 3 Skill Sheets. In the readings, a variety of topics are covered, including natural resources, weather, research, recipes, flyers, and poems. Each selection comes with a specified amount of time in which to read and comprehension questions to answer. The questions and activities are built on literary concepts developed throughout the reading program. Stimulate your child’s reading interest and help them improve their speed and comprehension skills through these informative stories.

*1st & 2nd Grade

COST: $125


In this class, we will explore stories from God’s Word utilizing a flannel board. We will make a Bible journal notebook* briefly summarizing the story and drawing a picture. Scripture memory, a weekly letter of the alphabet, and weekly character trait focus will all be important components of this class.


The text, "God's Wonderful Works" by Christian Liberty Press, uses each of the six days of creation as a launching pad for a basic study of numerous scientific concepts, such as the solar system, weather and seasons, plants, animals, and the human body. We will use Evan Moor's Giant Science Resource Book to supplement our text. From animal habitats to the human body, matter to machines, rainforests to recycling, it’s all here in one easy-to-use volume! Giant Science Resource Book includes picture cards, diagrams, graphic organizers, and student activity sheets that will get kids involved in science.


This class will focus on learning addition and subtraction math facts as well as other math activities and games.

*Primary Pathways (Pre K3 - Kindergarten)

COST: $65

Students will be introduced to letters and the sound it makes. We will be learning mostly through play with skills taught during play time. Math will include learning to count, sort, etc. through playtime. Our classroom will be set up with centers (home station, vet office, post office, grocery store, etc). Our class will be learning a new letter each week and will have a handprint art book that we will be working on. By the end of the year, they will have gone through the entire alphabet and have a completed handprint book that they will be able to take home to read with their parents. Bible lessons will be incorporated throughout the day through stories and activities. 

*These classes are offered to the siblings of students in the 3rd grade or higher.