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12 Reasons to Join BSE

1. The curriculums, staff, and members of BSE will be held to the standard of the core beliefs of the “BSE Statement of Faith”. 

2. BSE maximizes your limited time and gives you a break from teaching every subject.

3. At BSE, you can draw on the expertise of other people to teach subjects you may dislike or be weak in.

4. Your student can take classes in subjects you may never even have thought of, taught by experts or parents passionate about those fields.

5. Students benefit by learning from someone else for a change, adapting to other teaching styles besides yours, and getting a little exposure to the "classroom" experience.

6. Some subjects are best taught in group settings, such as public speaking and drama. At BSE, your student has access to this benefit while adhering to homeschool values.


7. BSE provides an atmosphere of healthy competition. Positive peer pressure from other students often helps their attitudes toward their assignments, and knowing students must share with others in the class provides the necessary motivation to do their best.

8. BSE provides accountability, so families are more likely to stay on track.

9. BSE offers encouragement, support and guidance from other homeschooling parents and their families.

10. BSE provides opportunities for friendships and socialization for your children.

11. Character growth is developed because children learn how to share, interact with peers in a group setting, and be a friend.

12. BSE provides a fun break from home that the entire family can look forward to each week.


“12 BENEFITS OF BSE” was adapted from Academy Days Homeschool Co-op

Est. 2006 ”12 Benefits of a Homeschool Co-op”